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John Hayes

Dean of Warner College and Professor

WCNR Administrative/Support Units

Contact Information:

Phone: (970) 491-1649


John P. Hayes has served as Dean of Warner College of Natural Resources on June 1, 2014. He previously served as University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Dean for Research and Director of the Florida Agricultural Station in Gainesville, FL. John's scholarly background has focused on applied ecology, primarily related to wildlife ecology and forest science. He has co-edited two books and authored or co-authored numerous technical, semi-technical and popular articles and reports in the field. John earned his Ph.D. in ecology and evolutionary biology from Cornell University, his M.S. in biology from Southern Oregon State College, and his undergraduate degree in wildlife science from Oregon State University. While at the University of Florida, he also chaired the Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, served as Director of the Ordway-Swisher Biological Station, and taught at the undergraduate and graduate levels. He also previously served as Associate Dean for International Programs at the Oregon State University College of Forestry.

Area of Expertise:

Academic leadership, applied vertebrate ecology, and forest management.

Interests & Studies:

Conservation Biology
Conservation On Private Lands
Landscape Ecology
Leadership in Educational and Organizational Settings
Public Lands
Wildlife Ecology
Wildlife and Energy Development


Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from Cornell University , Ithaca, NY , 1990

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